5 reasons to Volunteer and Travel


Doubting to volunteer and travel abroad? There are various good reasons to undertake this step.


1.     Discover the world… and yourself!

In whatever phase of your life you are, a new perspective can be a refreshing experience. You might be doubting what to study, or thinking about a career change. Coming up with the right solution is not an easy task. To place yourself out of your daily routine can definitely help you forming new insights. Discovering beautiful nature and foreign cultures will give you a lot of new impulses and angles.

Volunteer and Travel


2.     Learn something new

Volunteering is a great way to develop new skills. Learn a new language, work on a new project or sharpen your knowledge in your expertise. To volunteer and travel abroad is a fantastic way to learn new skills. In a foreign culture, with its own rhythm and customs, you will have to be flexible and adapt. But you can also help the local population with sharing your knowledge and passion. It is therefore important that you chose the right country and volunteer work.


3.     Friends for life and meeting new people

When you volunteer and travel abroad, you will meet tons of new and interesting people. By sharing new experiences and discovering beautiful places together, you will create a strong connection. The advantage from volunteering is that you will really meet the local population. Especially when you learn the basics of the language, and volunteer in a local project. During the daily contact, there will be a real cultural exchange.


4.     Helping others

Even though your help as a volunteer won’t be world-changing, it can make a real difference. By sharing your knowledge and positive energy, you will have a positive impact. The act of helping others will also give yourself a positive vibe. This is called the “helper’s High”. The act of helping others is a win-win situation, as both parties are profiting from it.

Volunteer and Travel


5.     Unforgettable memories

What the above 4 points will create, are….unforgettable memories! The impact of new surroundings and new people will stay with you forever. And you will benefit from the new skills you learned and the positive feeling of helping others. Thinking back about your travel and volunteer experience will fill you with joy.