• Safe and central location (at a 10-minute walk from the Plaza de Armas!)
  • Spacious living room & well-equipped kitchen
  • Private bedroom and shared bathroom (or book your room with private bathroom well in advance)
  • WiFi and cable TV

Shared Apartment

Your accommodation during your stay in Peru is in our shared apartment. You will share the house with 3-4 other volunteers. You will have a private room with a shared bathroom. We have one room with a private bathroom, which needs to be booked well in advance. Our apartment is a great place to relax and share your free time with the other volunteers. Cook some food together, watch a movie or play a game and listen to some music. After a day of studying, or working in your project, you can easily walk back to the apartment and unwind.

There is WiFi internet, a good kitchen and a spacious living room. You will have a warm shower and cable TV, and of course a nice atmosphere with the other volunteers from around the world. And the best part: it’s only a 10-minute walk away from the city center of Cusco!

Live Like A Local

Maya: “When I first got to Cusco, I didn’t want to share an apartment with other Europeans. I wanted to have local friends, live the local life! I soon found an apartment with Peruvian roommates and LOVED it.”

Looking for a local experience just like Maya did 8 years ago? Then our service ‘Live Like A Local’ is for you!

You will share an apartment not with other volunteers, but with locals who were either born in Peru or have been living here for years! This is the easiest way to experience a full immersion into the Peruvian culture, make Peruvian friends, and practice your Spanish every day.


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