Daytrip to Moray and Salineras de Maras

A combination trip to the ruins of Moray and the Salineras de Maras (salt mines) is a trip that you should definitely not miss when you are in Cusco. The trip does not take all day, because the ruins and salt mines are located close to Cusco. Read more about this great trip in this blog!

The trip costs 40 soles, including entrance to the salt mines, which amounts to around 10 euros. Only for Moray you need a Boleto Turistico (normal price: 130 soles, student price: 70 soles) or you pay a one-off 70 soles entrance fee. Around 9 o’clock in the morning you will gather at Plaza de Armas and take the bus to the ruins. Along the way there is another stop in the village of Chinchero, where you will visit a textile factory and be told how it works here. In addition, there is also the possibility to buy a nice souvenir here.

The journey then continues to Moray, a beautiful ruin that was used for agricultural purposes in the Inca era. The guide explains a few things about the ruins and then there is time to walk around and take pictures of this spectacular place.

Then the bus takes you to the last destination of the trip: Salineras de Maras. After the guide’s explanation, here is the opportunity to walk around for yourself. The salt mines are very impressive! A huge terrace of salt baths is probably something you’ve never seen before. Because Cusco is not close to the sea to extract salt, they have made these salt mines. It is also possible to walk through the salt mines yourself. A special place! Finally, it is also possible to buy salt from the salt mines, which is of course a must!

After the salt mines, the bus will take you back to Cusco, where you will arrive around 3 pm. In short, a must, this trip to Moray & Salineras de Maras!