Franka’s Experience at the After-School Project


I loved volunteering with Peru Volunteer! Working in the Libros Mágicos Project was the best decision ever! I took Spanish classes for one week (since I already learned it in school) which was a great help in communicating better with the kids.

In the project, we mainly worked with kids who went to primary school (even though some were a bit older or younger). We always started by reading books together and afterward, we drew/painted with them or read more books in small groups. Some days we even did things like playing music, playing games, or doing some stretching. All these activities helped the kids boost their concentration and creativity, as well as motor skills. These activities feel essential for the kids, since they often come from “lower income” families where the parents don’t have enough time to educate them outside of school.


The project takes place three afternoons a week for two hours. In the mornings, I volunteered at a primary school as an English teacher. Besides, I had free time (and the weekend off) to relax, explore the city, meet up with friends, go on trips, etc. Living/working in Cusco was the best way to experience and get to know this beautiful culture and to meet the kindest people.

It’s safe to say that I loved everything about volunteering with Peru Volunteer! The kids I worked with were so sweet and as a volunteer, you get a lot back, because the kids are so thankful. Every time you arrive at the project, all the kids welcome you warmly and spread their joy and love! I will definitely come back as soon as possible.

Furthermore, Libia is the greatest woman. She explained everything to me, showed me all the ways, and was always there to help me. She even went to the doctor with me when I was experiencing some stomach issues!

If you like working with children and want to learn Spanish, joining Peru Volunteer is the best opportunity, so don’t hesitate to apply! Even if you don’t speak Spanish yet, it’s the best way to learn. In the first weeks, I asked Libia lots of questions about the vocabulary and I got a lot of opportunities to practice my Spanish in daily life. And if you make mistakes, everybody is so kind and there’s always a way to communicate.


By Franka Averbeck, 21 years old from Germany, who volunteered with us for 11 weeks!