Jan in Peru

I am Jan from Switzerland. I came to Peru with Peru Volunteer. I will study Spanish in Cusco and will volunteer in Education. Here you can read my first blog article.

Spanish language course in Cusco

After four weeks of Spanish class in Cusco I have come to Calca this morning. During the time there I managed to improve my Spanish a lot. So I was able to do my Spanish A1 exam last week. But I am actually considering extending my Spanish course for another month. With the prime goal to do a B1 test after that month.

I started to understand how the life in Peru works. I also got plenty of new friends in Cusco. Other people who are working with Peru-Volunteer, a few locals and a lot of travelers who are working for other Volunteer Organizations.
I even had enough time to enjoy nightlife. It is not comparable to anything I have known before I came here. The drinks are reasonably cheap and a lot of promotion free-drinks are given away. Most of the time I went out with middle sized groups of randomly mixed people.
In my time in Cusco I went to Christo Blanco three times. It is a statue on top of a hill, close to the city. I really enjoyed the view up there and the way up is very satisfying. When I will be back in Cusco for some weekends I will be looking forward to climb up there again.

Here in Calca I just got my own room. At the moment I am in it on my own, but in October I am going to get a roommate for sure. After I was done unpacking, I went to have a short talk to my coordinators about the upcoming week and the plans for me. It looks like I am going to teach in three different schools, a kindergarten and in a Volleyball project. Most of the teaching I am going to do will be with another volunteer I had already lived with during my first month in Cusco.
I am pretty excited about next week and I am sure there will be some unforgettable impressions awaiting me.