Learn Spanish in Peru before you start your volunteer work!

Before you start your volunteer work, you will need to know the basics of the Spanish language. The vast majority of the Peruvian population doesn’t speak English. So to be able to communicate with the Peruvians you really need to learn Spanish.


Do I really need to learn Spanish to be able to volunteer in one of the projects?



But there are many advantages of learning the Spanish language .

  • Talk with people in the street
  • Order your own food and bargain at the market
  • Travel though South & Central America and speak the language

Julian and Melanie in Spanish Class 🙂

In 4 weeks you will learn the basics of the Spanish language. Classes are inside and outside  and are focused on making you speak. You will visit markets and get to know the center of Cusco.

When you are not a beginner anymore, you can follow intermediate or advanced classes with us. Before you come to Peru we will send you our entry exam. When you make the exam, our teachers can establish your level. So classes will always start at your level.

Every first Monday of the month our 4 week course is starting. So contact us and learn Spanish in Peru!

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