About Peru Volunteer

Since 2014 we have organized volunteer work, accommodation, and Spanish language courses in Cusco, Peru. We are a personal and flexible organization that supports local Peruvian institutions and initiatives. With the help of our volunteers, we strive to positively impact the projects we support.

Peru Volunteer aims to assist Peruvian children in their education by teaching English, encouraging them to read books, giving art classes, and much more. We love providing mental stimulation for these kids’ brains by improving their memory, focus, and concentration.  These skills will all be vital in the educational path of the children.

At the same time, we want the volunteers to feel safe, welcome, and comfortable. Peru Volunteer wants to offer you a great cultural experience in Peru. For more than 8 years we have organized volunteer work, Spanish language courses, and accommodation for our volunteers. When you feel comfortable you can develop use, develop, and extend your skills.


How we work

We prefer personal contact with our volunteers. After you fill out the application form, Maya will personally support you in any questions you might have and create a personalized package for you. Pre-departure support will be part of our service.

In Peru, you will be picked up from the airport. There will be 24-hour assistance in English and Spanish for our volunteers, in case of any problem or emergency. We will do everything in our power to ensure you’ll have a great time in Peru. Because when you feel comfortable, you can put all your energy into your volunteer work.

Why choose us

  • A small organization with personal contact
  • Participate actively in local education and other projects
  • We have a genuine interest in our volunteers
  • We assist you in your journey
  • Weekly contact with our Coordinator



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About Peru Volunteer team members

Peru Volunteer team member

Thomas Padt

My name is Thomas, I'm from The Netherlands, and I started Peru Volunteer in 2013.

In 2002, I volunteered myself around Cusco. Later on, I worked for a Dutch NGO in Guatemala. Both experiences were intense, but beautiful. The “rewarding feeling” which both jobs gave me, was an essential part of the motivation to start “Peru Volunteer”.

Helping people with fewer options than yourself is a good thing to do. While you share your skills and energy to help people, you will receive gratitude and the positive feeling of doing something worthwhile. Next to helping others, Peru Volunteer is also focused on providing an unforgettable stay in Peru for the volunteers. To offer volunteers the possibility to learn and expand their (life) skills, is a great process.

I hope we can build up volunteer projects together. With the help of volunteers, we can continue to expand our programs. For I have the feeling that we only just got started. I hope to see you soon in Peru.

Peru Volunteer team member

Maya Lombarts

I am Maya, I'm from Belgium, and I moved to Peru in 2017 to work as a volunteer coordinator for Peru Volunteer.

I absolutely loved witnessing the impact the volunteers have in inspiring the kids' brilliant minds and helping them discover their talents and passions. And the shift happens both ways: every volunteer goes back home a different person. Today, I'm the co-owner of Peru Volunteer and I'm excited to welcome you to Cusco!

Together with our Spanish teacher Libia, we organize fun cultural activities for you to experience local life in Peru. We're like a small family and we can't wait to have you here with us!

Apart from managing Peru Volunteer, I'm also a professional singer, a salsa dancer, and a dog lover (I adopted one here: her name is Chispa.) I live close to the city center and the shared apartment for volunteers. Whenever you need advice or support, I'm just a minute away.

Peru Volunteer team member

Libia Castillo

My name is Libia, I’m from Cusco, and I've been a Spanish teacher for 25 years. I've also created a beautiful project with kids at the market called Libros Mágicos, to encourage kids to read and learn more.

I admire our volunteers from all over the world. You dare to enter a new culture without knowing anything or anyone. If I were you, I wouldn’t want to be treated like a stranger, I’d want to feel welcomed and at home, and that’s what I want to create for my students. I want you to learn at your own pace, without pressure like in traditional schools, in a fun and relaxing environment. In order to make more progress, you need to feel the confidence and the optimism in a place where you’re not judged by teachers, but supported by locals.

I'm also organizing fun evening activities for all volunteers like cooking classes, salsa classes, cultural exchange nights, quizzes, etc. I’m looking forward to welcoming you in Cusco and helping you in everything I can with my wonderful team of motivated teachers!