Congratulations to Dino, Carina, Melanie and Julian with their

Spanish certificate

In October 2015 Dino, Carina, Melanie and Julian started with their Spanish language courses in Cusco.

Julian and Melanie started from scratch, so they were together in the Beginners Group. Dino and Carina both already had a pretty good Spanish level, but decided to strengthen their Spanish skills with the Advanced course.

The inside classes were separated, because of the level differences. But the outdoors activities, liking visiting markets or Inca ruins, were done with both groups. Together with their teacher Libia they had a lot of fun during their Spanish course.

Everybody made a lot of progress. The final Exam was passed by all, so the students were ready to start volunteering in their projects. But of course they first received their Spanish certificates!

Are you the next volunteer to receive your Spanish certificate?