Swimming lessons

From October till December are Swimming lessons part of the regular sport classes in Peru. When you participate in our Sport & Education project you can help Peruvian children how to swim.
Very few people in Peru really know how to swim. This is of course very dangerous. There are a lot of rivers and lakes, and if the children travel to the coast they will of course go into the sea.

Swimming classes or Sport in the pool

Next to swimming you can of course also play volleyball in the swimming pool. Peruvians love volleyball, and it is a great way to get them into the water. Because when you can’t swim, it is of course scary to go into the pool. After warming up with a volleyball game, you can start teaching the children how to swim. You will need a lot of private attention to accomplish this, so always make there is a second person to help out.


This sport activity however takes a high responsibility level of the volunteer. With a lot of children how can’t swim, you have to be very careful and always remember that safety comes first. It can be very hard to oversee a pool full with beginners.
It will be a great way to practice and improve your Spanish. Especially with children who are afraid to go into the water, you will have to show that you care and make them trust you. When you know how to encourage them and have a good understanding with the children, they will trust you.
If your Spanish is not yet so good, it is all the more important that you have a good lesson plan. Prepare the class and be a great instructor for the kids. The children will really love you for learning them how to swim.