The fairytale Humantay Lake

A special trip to the breathtaking Humantay Lake … watch your eyes as you visit this crystal clear lake! Read all in’s and out’s about the trip to Humantay Lake in this blog.

Humantay Lake is a three-hour drive from Cusco, so the trip starts on time. You will be picked up at your accommodation around four or five o’clock and then the journey can begin. Sleep a few hours on the bus, because you could definitely use some extra energy for the hike! After a two-hour drive it’s time for breakfast including coca tea against altitude sickness. It is approximately an hour driving after breakfast. The snowy mountain peaks loom quickly, which makes it a beautiful ride.

Around half past ten you will arrive at the starting point of the hike. Feel free to do a warm-up, because this hike is intense! At first glance, the hike seems to be a super easy, but the hike is in fact continuously steep up. The paths are not equally good everywhere and you will certainly feel the altitude here. Fortunately the view makes up a lot! A beautiful green landscape full of colossal mountains, flowing streams and beautiful flowers make it seem like you are walking in the Swiss Alps. It is so peaceful with the chirping birds, it looks like a fairy tale!

After about an hour and a half walking you finally arrive at what you came for: the famous Humantay Lake. In one word: wow! The crystal clear, turquoise lake with the snowy mountains behind it seem almost fake! Your eyes don’t know what they are seeing, it is truly breathtaking! After staring at the lake for a while full of surprise, you must of course also record this on screen. After an explanation from the guide about the lake, it’s time to put the hike back.

On the way back to Cusco a stop is made for lunch. Around 6 o’clock you will be back in Cusco. The trip costs a total of 80 soles including transport, guide, breakfast and lunch. Definitely recommended!

Humantay Lake