Art project

In short

    • Location: Cusco
    • Availability: all year long
    • Working days: Monday till Friday
    • Duration: Minimum 4 weeks
    • Language: Spanish basic-intermediate
    • Accommodation: Volunteer house or host family
    • Project combinations without extra costs

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Project description

Art project

Many artists work in and around Cusco, who make colorful and beautiful Art. Art is also part of the curriculum in local schools. Creativity, self-expression and focus are a few of the benefits that Art classes have on children. There are 3 options to participate in the Art project. Assist a local artist in his daily work in his workshop. You can also help the Art teacher in Secondary school, and assist during Art classes. The last option is following Art workshops from a local Artist yourself.

You can help a local artist in various ways. You can assist in the creational process, or provide a smoother way to the market and possible clients. Being an artist isn’t a well-paid job, and many artists are living in poverty. The help of a volunteer can make a lot of difference in their lives.

As a volunteer, you can assist the Art Teacher in a public school in Cusco. The frequency of Art classes in the curriculum is not high. Help organizing the lessons, hand out material, walk around and try to assist the students in their efforts.

When a small group of volunteers can be formed, there are also Art workshops possible. You receive Art classes from a local Artist. Drawing and/or painting, and Ceramic classes are possible workshops that we can offer. Please contact us for the possibilities and the details.

Requirements for the Art project

Obviously, Art has to be a strong passion for you. This can either be in an active or facilitating role. Assisting a local Artist in his work, and helping him finding his way to the market. Or, providing him with online presence. When you want to help in Education, you can assist the Art Teacher. You will need a decent Art knowledge, and a clear form of communication with the students.

When you are interested in following Art workshops yourself, you will need basic Art skills. And being prepared to put in the necessary practice hours.