Dog Shelter

  • Location: Cusco
  • Availability: all year long
  • Working days: Monday till Friday (occasional weekend activities)
  • Duration: Minimum 3 weeks
  • Language: Spanish basic-intermediate
  • Accommodation: Volunteer house or host family
  • Project combinations without extra costs

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Full description

Volunteer in the Dog Shelter and actively participate in fighting the growing street dog problem in Cusco. You can help a motivated and well-organized group of people, in their broad approach of this problem. The Dog Shelter takes care of the hygienic and medical situation of dogs in campaigns, and on a daily basis. They also educate the youth about animal rights, and how to treat animals. Part of their activities are financed by making small Art. There are multiple ways for you to help in this project.

The Dog Shelter is a project from Milagros. It takes care of a group of Street dogs on a daily basis. They offer the dogs a home, with food, love and hygienic treatment. You can take the dogs for walks in the forest next to the Shelter. Or feed, wash and play with them. The goal is to make the dogs healthy again, and find new owners for them.

A couple of times per month the Dog Shelter sets out on campaigns in the villages around Cusco. Vaccinating street dogs, giving basic medical treatment and explaining the population about how to treat dogs. During these campaigns, the volunteer can help in various ways.


Requirements for the Dog Shelter

You need to have a big heart for dogs. But also organizational skills, being pro-active and communicative, are very welcome in this project. The workshops in local schools, and the campaigns in the villages around Cusco can be helped in multiple ways.

Impact and benefits of the Dog Shelter

The way animals are treated in Peru is a big problem. Instead of only focusing on rescuing stray dogs, this Dog Shelter wants to tackle the problem at its roots

  • Organizing campaigns with free medicine and educating people about animal rights
  • Supporting social media activities of the dog shelter to help finding new owners for street dogs
  • Increasing the hygienic situation for the dogs and the local population
  • Teach children in interactive workshops about animal rights