Special education

In short

  • Location: Cusco
  • Availability: March – December / January-February vacation program
  • Working days: Monday till Friday
  • Duration: Minimum 4 weeks
  • Language: Spanish basic-intermediate
  • Accommodation: Volunteer house or host family
  • Project combinations without extra costs

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Project Description

Special Education

“Special Education” is designed for students who are mentally, physically, socially and/or emotionally delayed. Their struggles do not allow them to function well in a regular school. Unfortunately, there is a lack of attention for Special Education in Peru. Therefore, this Institution really needs your help!

You will work in Cusco in the Special Education Institute. Relatively quickly the students will get used to your presence and will start trusting and appreciating you. It is important to inform yourself on a basic level of the conditions of the children, since they have different kinds of needs. For example, there are children with mental disabilities, down syndrome, autism and motoric disabilities. Obviously, every child has to be addressed in its particular way.

Severity of disability and age groups divide the students, and there are 5 classes. Children with different needs are together in a classroom, which makes it difficult for the teacher. You, as a volunteer, will assist in the classroom, but also in the daily activities. Next to physically taking care, you will draw, sing, dance and make music with the children and adolescents. Also, depending on the group, you teach the kids basic math and reading skills. However, the creativity component is important, since (small) variations can increase the learning curve enormously.

In coordination with the teachers and the staff, you can undertake new activities. For example, language and linguistics exercises, so the children can learn new vocals and vocabulary. The challenge lays in finding the right approach for each student.

Requirements for Special Education

You need to be a patient and socially engaged person, who likes to help and assist people. Sensitivity for the requirements of each student is important. Being creative and a positive mindset are also very valuable in this project.

The minimum availability is 1 month. However, we prefer you to stay for a minimum of 2 months, to build up a strong relationship with the children.  It is possible to combine this project with one of our other projects in the afternoon. This project runs in the morning.


Benefits and impact

  • Give love and attention and help the students to develop at their own pace
  • Assist the staff with their heavy daily workload
  • The students will be very happy with your presence and your efforts
  • A great project to gain experience in Special Education