In short

  • Location: Cusco
  • Availability: March – December / January-February vacation program
  • Working days: Monday till Friday
  • Duration: Minimum 4 weeks
  • Language: Spanish basic-intermediate
  • Accommodation: Volunteer house or host family
  • Project combinations without extra costs

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Full description

Sports and physical activities help children to be fit and energetic. It also raises the concentration level. So children who are physically active, can focus better inside the classroom! Volunteer as a sport teacher and participate in regular Physical Education classes in the mornings. Or give football, volleyball or basketball training in the afternoon. You will work with children from the Primary school. It is also possible to train older children.

In the morning, you will assist a local teacher in regular Physical Education classes. Gymnastics, Volleyball or Football; you can assist in organizing and running the classes. It will be a great way to practice your Spanish on the pitch, while having fun with the children.

In the afternoon, you can give Sport training. Most practised Sports in Peru are Football, and Volleyball. Basketball is an upcoming sport in Peru. You can assist the coach with organizing the trainings. When you are very proficient in a sport, it can be possible to lead your own training.

Requirements Sport Project

We are looking for motivated Sport loving volunteers. You can work in different ways in this project. Either actively participate in training sessions, or take more of an organizational role on you. You have to be communicative and pro-active. Being creative and having a certain level of authority are qualities that will help you in this project.

Benefits of practicing Sports

Children can benefit in many ways from practicing Sports:

• It is healthy and beneficial for the concentration level
• Dedication, team spirit and leadership skills are being trained
• Physical exercise is good for mind, body and spirit
• Sports are fun and make you energetic