Teaching English

In short

  • Location: Cusco
  • Availability: March – December / January-February vacation program
  • Working days: Monday till Friday
  • Duration: Minimum 4 weeks
  • Language: Spanish basic-intermediate
  • Accommodation: Volunteer house or host family
  • Project combinations without extra costs

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Project description

Volunteer as an English teacher in Peru. Use your knowledge of the English language, and share it with the Peruvian children. Organize lively and interesting classes, and actively contribute to the education of the Peruvian youth.

In the morning, you will teach English in a public school in Cusco. You will teach together with the local teacher, or with another volunteer. Prepare fun and active lessons, and provide the students with a good foundation. You can teach either in the Primary or in Secondary school.


There is a great need and shortage of good English teachers in Peru. Learning the basics of the language as early as possible in life, will really speed up the learning curve. The opportunity to receive good English classes is rare in Peru. You can actively participate in Teaching English, and have a real impact on these students’ lives. The schools are following a curriculum, and Peru Volunteer has access to basic educational material. Document your progress, so the next volunteer can take over when you leave!

Requirements for Teaching English

You don’t have to be a native English speaker to volunteer in this project. You will have to be flexible, open minded and pro-active. The level will be basic, and the students are not familiar with learning a foreign language. Patience, decent preparation of your lessons and a correct pronunciation are important. And, of course, the ability to create fun classes!

Benefits of the English language

The English language is a very useful and important skill to possess.

  • Over 50% of all Internet pages are in English
  • Future job perspectives are better when you know the English language
  • Learning a foreign language is fun and a great personal development
  • A growing number of Universities use English as an acceptance criteria