Volunteering with Peru Volunteer: an experience for life!

When you are considering a gap year, or when you want to apply your professional knowledge during or after your study you’ve probably heard this answer more than once: ‘Travel to foreign cultures, because it’s great for your self-development.’ But do you want to make your trip truly unforgettable? Come to Peru and volunteer!

Being a volunteer with Peru Volunteer means improving the lives of the local inhabitants bit by bit. This is a valuable life lesson: it makes both them and you feel happier and more complete. And at Peru Volunteer we will do everything to make your stay with us unique, extraordinary and amazing.

Helping someone is wonderful
When you unselfishly dedicate your time to helping others, you’ll receive gratitude and lots of love in return. It will not only boost their energy, but yours, too. Furthermore, it increases your sense of purpose and self-esteem. You make the world a little better and your effort might even create a snowball effect.

Vital baggage for the future
Every experience in Peru, whether it’s positive or negative, increases your self-knowledge. And this is an essential quality when choosing an education or applying for your dream job. Self-knowledge makes you more successful in your career, relationships and social life. Moreover, as a volunteer you’ll gain other useful skills: you improve your Spanish, you learn to solve problems using little means, you practice patience and you learn to put things in perspective. Last but not least, an inspiring journey like this is a perfect addition to your résumé.

Don’t forget: have fun!
At Peru Volunteer we aim to make your stay incredible in every aspect. That’s why our volunteer house is located in the center of Cusco. Relax comfortably on our roof terrace and enjoy the incredible view over the city. Or go out with your fellow volunteers for drinks, sightseeing and salsa dancing. In your free time, you’ll have the opportunity to travel through the beautiful countryside or visit the ancient Inca city Machu Picchu. Cusco is the ideal starting point for traveling to this monumental place.

Are you excited to make a difference in other people’s lives, learn Spanish and immerse yourself in Peruvian culture? Contact us to discuss your personal wishes. We have what it takes to make your volunteering time in Peru unforgettable.