Why learning Spanish is cool

English, French and Mandarin are often considered the ruling languages worldwide. But Spanish should be added to that list. Spanish is the official language in more than 20 countries, and is a relatively easy language to learn. Learning Spanish is a fun, interactive and great way to get to know the Peruvian culture.


Learning Spanish is hot and trendy

Next to understanding the lyrics of your favorite Reggaetón number, there are a lot of advantages in learning the language. Spanish is for example the 3rd most used language on the Internet. The Spanish language is gaining quickly in popularity. In the last 15 years, all over the world Spanish became optional in schools and Universities as a language to study. Luckily it is not the most difficult language to learn, so in a relatively short period you can make some real progress. Of course, it is nice to be able to actively use a language you try to learn. Already during the outdoor classes, you get to use your Spanish skills in real life.

Learning Spanish is fun


Clear accents and contact with locals

Peru has one of the most “clear” accents from all the Spanish-speaking countries. In and around Cusco, the people speak slow. Especially compared with for example Lima, or Spain. That makes learning Spanish in Cusco efficient and attractive. Everybody is insecure, scared to make mistakes, or not being able to understand somebody. For your self-confidence and learning curve, it really helps when people won’t speak too quick and when their accents are “clear”.


Learning a language makes happy

Learning a language boosts your memory and creativity level. Some even say, that it increases size of your brain. Knowing the language will definitely enrich your stay in Peru. Your Spanish knowledge will increase your impact and fun during your volunteer work. Of course, it will also make traveling through one of the 20 Spanish speaking countries much easier and interesting. When you can arrange in Spanish your accommodation, and order the meal you actually want to eat, it will make you feel proud, independent and happy.
To really master the language, it is essential to use it in different settings. Next to the classroom lessons, the visits to markets, museum and Inca ruins will diversify and deepen your knowledge of Spanish. Learning Spanish in Cusco will broaden your horizon and will unlock the door to 20 Spanish speaking countries worldwide. Test it out for yourself and come to Peru!